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Tailoring structured solutions from our experienced team of advisors

We do not only provide financial consultancy.  We help execute your financial plans: securing additional debt financing, new capital raising, strategic partnership or corporate restructuring. 


At CCR Finance, our advisory team consists of ex-bankers who dealt directly with debt and capital structuring.  With vast connections and in-depth knowledge, we review and advise companies on getting better financial solutions while you focus on driving your business.

Distinctive Capabilities

Market Analysis
Debt Financing

CCRFinance provides independent advisory to corporate clients on a wide-ranging of debt structures for working capital and capital expenditures.  CCRFinance has unparalleled access to banks and non-bank lenders globally. 

Capital Raising

CCRFinance acts as an independent advisor and capital placement agent for both private equity and convertible debts.  We provide our clients with experienced judgment and strategic insights on all aspects of capital formation and capital markets transactions.

Financial Restructuring

CCRFinance provides independent financial restructuring advice to companies, creditors, shareholders, and other stakeholders.  We excel in providing time critical and impartial advice to our clients on complex cash flow, profitability, balance sheet issues and special events.

Strategic Partnership

CCRFinance provides market leading strategic and tactical advice as well as incomparable execution for companies across a broad range of industry sectors and geographies. We help our clients identify and pursue strategic priorities, devise strategies to enhance shareholder value, and develop new ideas and deeper perspective to achieve their goals. We advise boards and management teams on how to effectively execute corporate strategies including spin-offs, sales, joint venture and M&A transactions with key stakeholders.

Full Range of Working Capital and Capex Finance

We cover a range of financing solutions:

*SCF: Supply Chain Financing

Leverage on over 100+ FI Connections  

An extensive network of more than 100 financial institutions across 35 countries.

About CCR Finance

CCR Finance is part of CCRManager Pte Ltd.

Read about the team's in-depth experience in structured solutions.

Case Studies

Can CCR Finance offer or help design a holistic and comprehensive financing solution for my company situation now?

Yes. In our course of designing solutions for SMEs and Corporates, CCR Finance looks at solutions encompassing objectives across entities, product lines/units and geographies. CCR Finance has an existing platform network of more than 100+ financial institutions across 30 countries across the globe and a team of ex-bankers with decades of experience in the trade finance space. We leverage on the network, our team's vast pool of experience, and depth of knowledge to provide a right and best-fit outcome for your company.

Can CCR Finance faciliate the conversations and connections with existing and new banks?

Yes, with constant from your company, CCR Finance can facilitate the connection with existing and new banks, and act as a conversation facilitator for your transactions, where needed.

How can CCR Finance help in getting better terms on the facilities that I have with my existing banks?

In our decades of working with banks and our relationships with different financial institutions, we have built up a deep understanding of their market perspectives, commercial objectives and risk thresholds. This understanding will enable CCR Finance to engage the banks (existing or otherwise) to help your company obtain a balanced and fair outcome.

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